Las Vegas Vacations—How to Enjoy Your Vegas Vacation Without Gambling a Cent

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Las Vegas Vacations—How to Enjoy Your Vegas Vacation Without Gambling a Cent

Contrary to popular belief and everything that buzzes inside of you at the mere thought of a desert getaway, it is possible to enjoy Las Vegas vacations without gambling so much as a single cent. You just have to have one of two things: an inherent fear of losing the shirt off your back that’s so powerful it causes you to steer clear of all hotel casinos, or a taste for good eats and good entertainment.

When it comes to those two categories, Vegas offers some of the best of both. Where else can you enjoy a world famous Pink’s hot dog and take in a Wayne Newton show in the same evening? Here are a few suggestions for some of the best value restaurants and entertainment hotspots.

  • The Blue Man Group’s reputation precedes it, but the possibility that you’ll ever find yourself a bored audience member is slim to none—and if you do, that could be sign that you’re incredibly difficult to please. Blue Man Group plays regularly at the Venetian Resort and Casino and always play to packed houses, so book your tickets in advance.
  • Eating at a place with a name like the Cracked Egg, you’re pretty much assured the best breakfast in town, if not a truly unique one. If you’re looking for a place to spend your morning or early afternoon in Vegas far away from the nearest craps table, you could do a lot worse.



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