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How should I choose a travel agent?

Choosing a Travel Agent

Always choose a well known travel agent when planning your trip or vacation. Get references and ask about refund policies.

What if there´s an emergency at home while I´m on vacation?

In Case of Emergency

Leave a copy of your itinerary with your family and friends so you can be reached in case of an emergency.

How do I plan a trip with all the terrorist activities?

Terrorist Alerts

When planing a trip, it's a good idea to check your destination to see if there are any terrorist alerts or other disasters that might affect your trip.

What is one way I can be sure my vacation will be enjoyable?

An Ounce of Prevention

When planning your trip's itinerary, check to see if there are any events going on that could interrupt your plans. Ask about things like races, biker rallies, conventions and so on before making your reservations.

Can I use my credit card overseas?

Traveling with Credit Cards

Before going overseas, check with your bank or credit card issuer to see if it has ATMs where you will be visiting. If there are, make sure you can use your card to get cash - and ask about any fees they may charge you.

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