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How can students save money traveling

Student Travel

Students can purchase a Student Advantage Card for $22.50 from Greyhound and receive a 15% discount on all Greyhound bus tickets for 1 academic year.

Which airlines give the best deals for people ages 12-24?

Airfare Coupon Books

One airline - TWA - makes available to you young people, ages 12-24, the same four coupon airfare booklets at $548 that are normally marketed to seniors. Call TWA at 800/221-2000.

How do you increase your odds of getting bumped off a flight?


If you want to be "bumped" next time you have more time than money, make a reservation only if the flight is almost full.
Access software will allow a travel agent to see if the seat availability is limited to eight seats or less. If there are fewer than eight seats, it's a pretty good assumption the flight is heavily booked and some people will have to be bumped.
Look for flights on heavily traveled days, but on small-bodied aircraft, such as 727s and 737s.
Be aware, though, that bumping compensation rules don't apply to commuter airlines or charter flights.
Volunteers who are bumped are usually compensated anywhere from a $50 voucher to a 100% free ticket.

How can I travel inexpensively?


Most large cities have hostels where singles and sometimes families can stay for a small fee. These hostels don't have the luxuries of hotels but do provide a clean bed.

How can I save money on lodging?

Trading Houses

If you're on a tight budget, you might consider trading houses with another family. You will each get a vacation without the lodging expense.

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