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Should you carry your medical history?

medical history

Carry your medical history folded into a one-page summary in your passport folder.
Blood type, allergies, eyeglass prescription, medications currently being taken, any pre-existing health condition.

How do you make traveling more fun?

Take Frequent Breaks

It may be tempting to just drive for hours and hours on a car trip. Be sure to stop every 1-2 hours to stretch your legs, get some water and food into you, and rest your eyes. The eye strain and fatigue can catch up with you suddenly.

What if I run out of a prescription drug while traveling?

Generic Drugs

If you or a family member are taking prescription drugs, be sure to take along the prescription and the part of the packaging showing the generic rather than the brand name.

How long should you wait to fly after a dentist appointment?

dental pain

Don t fly within 12 hours after dental work. The change in atmospheric pressure can cause severe pain.

How can I protect against germs in public restrooms?

Strange Critters You Can't See

When stopping at a rest stop or other public restroom, use the seat protectors if available. If there are no seat protectors, place toilet tissue on the seat. Don't touch door handles, flush levers, or faucet handles with your bare hands--use a paper towel or toilet tissue to protect your hands. There are oodles of germs in public restrooms so you really can't be too careful.

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