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How can I protect myself from problems when purchasing tickets, etc. ?

Credit Card Purchases

When buying travel tickets or services, pay with a credit card so you can contest the charge if there is a problem.

Where should I buy travel insurance?

Travel Policies

Buy travel insurance policies from an insurance company instead of the airline, cruise line, and so on. This will protect you in the event the travel company goes out of business.

Do you know any current scams I should be aware of?

The Coffee-Cup Scam

Coffee Cup Scam:
The standard snatch and grab scam in European airports is the coffee cup scam.
Two people will carry this out: One walks up to, or close to, the target with a cup of coffee. He then spills it on the target, causing them to put down their bag(s) to wipe themselves off. The second comes up from behind and snatches the bag put down. Often the coffee spiller will help the target contact security to throw them off the scent.

How can I prevent losing all my credit cards?

Credit Cards

If traveling with another person or your spouse, each should carry a different credit card along with a copy of the other's card information.

What if I lose my credit cards?

Lost or Stolen Credit Cards

Leave a copy of the front and back of your credit cards with a trusted friend or relative in case you lose your cards. You will be able to call for the information for reporting the loss.

Why does alcohol affect you more during a flight?

booze in the air

Alcohol has more punch during an air flight than on the ground, because the body fluids evaporate quickly in the pressurized dry cabin.
Under pressure, the intestinal tract absorbs more fluids, thus making itself felt more quickly.
To reduce the dehydration caused by a long flight of six hours of more, drink three or four pints of water during the flight.

How can I save space when packing?

Saving space in your luggage

Sample Sizes

Packing sample sizes of shampoo, conditioner, deodorant and other personal products, saves a lot of room in a crowded suitcase.

Many hotels provide things like shampoo and hand cream in their bathrooms. If you do not use them on your trip, take them with you to pack for next time.

What´s the best way keep in touch while traveling?

Keeping in touch

Renting a cell phone to travel is frequently less expensive than using a calling card. You are also easier to reach in an emergency.

How can I pick up my baggage at the airport faster?

Making your luggage stand out

Tie a plastic bag from the store, in a tight knot, to your luggage handle (I use a bright yellow one). Then when your luggage comes down the luggage chute at the airport, you can readily recognize your bag(s). Saves time & aggravation.

How can I prevent getting robbed?

Wads of Bills and Credit Cards

Don't flash a wad of bills or your credit cards when paying for meals or other purchases. Keep only what is absolutely necessary in plain sight and put the rest into a money belt or a hidden compartment in your wallet.

How can I save money on long distance calls while traveling?

Long distance Carriers

You can avoid hotel surcharges by dialing the 800 number to get connected to the long distance carrier of your choice. Get the number for your carrier before leaving on your trip.

How can I organize my suitcase better?

Dirty Laundry and Garbage Bags

Garbage Bags

If you are taking a car trip, pack a garbage bag in your suitcase. You can put your dirty laundry into the garbage bag and leave more room in your suitcase for gifts and other clothing you might buy. When you get home, you can just take the garbage bag straight to the laundry room and know everything in your suitcase is still clean.

How can I get cheaper tickets??

Saving $$ on plane tickets

If you want to save some money and have some extra time a good tip is to fly to a large international airport (like London )and wait for either a cancellation of a cheap ticket.

I know several people who have done this, only had to wait for 24 - 48 hours but saved hundreds of dollars!

Why should you put your address on your back pack?

Address on your pack

Take a magic marker and write your name, address and phone number on the outside and inside of your pack. If you lose it whoever finds it will have a chance of getting it back to you.

How do I deal with too much luggage during my vacation?

Mailing clothes home

Mail Your Clothes Home

On a three week trip to Europe, I wound up buying many presents for my friends back home. I had no room to pack everything, so I got boxes and mailed my dirty clothing home. Wrapped in layers of clothes, my gifts were very well protected and everything got home before I did! My suitcase was lighter for me to carry on the plane and my most breakable gifts were safe with me.

What should I check before purchasing travel insurance?

Health and Home Owner's Insurance

Check your health and home owner's insurance policies to see what they do and don't cover while you are traveling.

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