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What should I do before taking my bike on a trail?

Mountain Biking

Be sure to check the area's rules and regulations on mountain bikes before taking your bike on a trail or road.

Where do you fish in Boston?

Boston Fishing Charters

Boston is very well known for its fishing just about any time of the year. To get information on charters in the area, try this site:

How should you wear your backpack so it doesn´t hurt your back?

Backpack Comfort

Backpacks these days are getting very high tech, with new materials and water bladders etc. That's all good but what happens when your $440 pack is full of gear, you're hiking down the trail and it just doesn't feel comfortable? We hear all about contour hugging design and all that but somehow it's killing your back.
My suggestion is to loosen the upper straps allowing 4-5 inches of space between the top of the pack and your back. Now your back can conform to its own shape rather than being forced to fit the pack. I met this kid in Nepal who was hiking in pain and fixed his problem in 1 minute.

Where can I bicycle in Europe?

Bring your Own Bikes

When you go on a trip, look into the possibility of bringing your own bikes! That way you know they're perfectly sized for you, are in fine working order, and have all of the equipment you're used to. Sometimes it can make a huge difference in the enjoyability of your trip, and it usually doesn't cost much.

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