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What about travel insurance, am I covered while riding a motorcycle ?

Take a Course

If you're going to do a motorcycle vacation on a rental bike, it's worth it to take just a day-course refresher before you go. Especially if it's not a style of bike you normally ride, you'll want to have your skills as fresh as possible before learning a new system on vacation.

What about travel insurance, am I covered while riding a motorcycle ?

Insurance and motorbiking

Insurance for traveling motorcyclists is becoming a hot issue. Please check the fine print of your policy before parting with any money. Many policies DON'T cover this. Also consider a pillion passenger if needed.

What are some precautions for traveling with a motorbike?

Rules of the Road

Check the rules of the road in any areas you choose to ride your motorbike. Some states require helmets and there could be age restrictions for operating a motorbike.

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