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How can I tell which direction an interstate highway is going?

Interstate Numbering

Interstate highways in the US have a prefix "I" and are numbered with odd numbers for east-west roads and even numbers for north-south roads.

How can I avoid road work and detours?

A CB Radio

When taking a road trip, a good piece of equipment to take along is a CB radio. You can usually hear about road work, detours or accidents several miles before you get tied up in a delay. If you know in advance of problems, you can bypass that area.

Can I turn right on red everywhere in the US?

Right on Red

Most areas permit turning right on red if there is no oncoming traffic and you have made a full stop but, turning right on red in New York City is strictly prohibited.

How can I protect myself in a questionable neighborhood?

Questionable Neighborhoods

Keep your doors locked and windows rolled up while traveling through questionable neighborhoods. If it's very hot and you don't have air conditioning, open each window about 1/2 inch and turn on the fan.

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