Hawaii Hotels—Brushing Up on Your Hawaiian

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Hawaii Hotels—Brushing Up on Your Hawaiian

So you’re finally going to Hawaii—or maybe you’re going back after far too long of an absence. Assuming that you’ve already done your research on all the fine Hawaii hotels there are to choose from and have already got your travel plans in order, there are a few things you can do to while away the time while you wait patiently for your vacation day to arrive—such as brushing up on your Hawaiian. We’ll skip past “aloha” because everyone already know what that means. Here are a few other words you can learn to hopefully impress the natives.

  • Mahalo: You’re probably already familiar with this word, which does not have the same meaning that “aloha” does. It’s typically used to say “thank you” or to otherwise express your gratitude.
  • Ono: Use this word to describe your appreciation of a particularly tasty meal or drink. It translates most directly into “delicious” or “scrumptious.”
  • Heiau: This is the word that’s used to describe a temple. There were various types throughout history that were used to pray for prosperity, health, and peace.
  • Makai: Use this word when indicating something that’s in the direction of the sea.
  • Muaka: The opposite of “makai,” this is used to indicate a direction that’s towards the mountains.



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