Treat Yourself to a Digital Reading Device

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How can I find good books to read when I'm travelling?

Treat Yourself to a Digital Reading Device

Have you ever found yourself on vacation without a bookstore handy, trying to get by on whatever you can pick up at a grocery store or news stand? If you're someplace where you don't speak the local language, this can become a real problem.

Without mentioning the obvious brand names, digital reading gadgets are the perfect travel companion. Even thrifty travelers will quickly find that the comfort and entertainment granted to them by an unlimited supply of reading matter - which weighs only a few ounces - is beyond compare. If you're stranded at an airport for hours on end, or if you can't sleep on a late-night flight, you have a magic library at your fingertips.

Some of the new generation of electronic reading devices have lit screens, which enable you to read on a dark plane without disturbing anyone with your reading light. (Airplane mode settings can shut down their communication function.) Furthermore, on long flights you may wish to try shifting position, and a lit screen allows you to hold the reading surface at any angle without worrying about having enough light to see the print.



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