Bringing Food Onboard

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What food should I bring on a plane?

Bringing Food Onboard

With air travel becoming ever more Spartan, you need to provision yourself ahead of time or you may end up subsisting on nothing but honey-coated almonds and throat-parching pretzels for 12 hours. Given the possibility of delayed or cancelled flights, you don't want to wander an unfamiliar airport trying to locate edible - or affordable - food, especially if it's late at night. Airport restaurants know they have a captive clientele, which is why they can sell $15 sandwiches that taste like they were made during the Reagan administration.

The best strategy to staying well-nourished while flying is to stop in at a health-food store or deli before you go to the airport. All kinds of food bars, fresh fruit, trail mix, and wholesome little snacks are available in small quantities. The main thing you want to avoid is something with an odor: no strong cheese, no pastrami sandwiches.

But when you're aloft, and the person next to you is opening their packet of pretzels, you'll be able to pull out your dried apricots, string cheese, sourdough bread, and fresh plums, and you'll look out the window at the bright world and know you've got it figured out!



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