Ski Vacation—Prepping for Your First Time

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Ski Vacation—Prepping for Your First Time

Not everyone hits the ski slopes with both feet. Some strike face first, some with their bottom, and there are others who manage to cover both ends equally. If you’re taking your first ski vacation, expect to biff it a few times before you get the hang of it. Here are a few tips on how to minimize the damage.

  • Wear all the necessary gear. The ski slopes are no place to prove your toughness. If you’re not sure that you have what you need to protect yourself from the cold and from the occasional impact, visit a gear rental shop at the ski spot to get properly equipped.
  • Take beginner lessons. These are usually offered free by ski resorts and occur in a group setting, although you can make arrangements to have one on one instruction. These are important, as they teach you basic maneuvers, including the all-important how to stop once you’ve started.
  • Bring along a healthy dose of patience. In the beginning, you’ll likely get passed up and outshined by more than your fair share of grannies and kindergartners. Just remember that you’re not there to look good, but to have fun.



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