Denver Hotels—A Great Vacation Spot, Winter or Summer

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Denver Hotels—A Great Vacation Spot, Winter or Summer

A lot of people associate Denver with skiing, but even if you have an aversion to the white powdery stuff and would much rather take in the scenic beauty of a snowy afternoon from a safe distance, you won’t be at a loss for things to do and see in the Mile High City.

Some of the best Denver hotels, in fact, aren’t located in ski resorts at all—but lie in the heart of the city itself. If you’re interested in history, the lower downtown’s Oxford Hotel has plenty. It’s been in operation since 1891 but you wouldn’t know it by the amenities, which are all undeniably 21st century. Rooms offer everything from iPod compatibility to wireless internet to flat-screen Plasmas.

If you’re a baseball fan, there’s even more reason to visit the Oxford during the non-ski season, as it lies just two blocks away from Coors Field, home to major leaguers the Colorado Rockies. But truth be told, even if you’ve got no particular reason to go, Denver’s one of those places that few people ever regret having visited. Don’t take our word for it—find out for yourself.



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