Phoenix Hotels—A Few Tips for Surviving a Stay in the Valley of the Sun

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Phoenix Hotels—A Few Tips for Surviving a Stay in the Valley of the Sun

As far as nicknames go, Phoenix is one of those cities that’s truly earned it. “The Valley of the Sun” may be famous for being an incredibly hot place to be, but when compared with other places, it could be far worse.

The heat in Phoenix is typically dry, which comes as a result of there being little humidity in the air. While this may sound pretty awful, high temperatures in dry conditions are actually more bearable than those in humid areas. Still, Phoenix is no place to test your mettle with regard to how much heat you can take. Here are a few pointers on surviving the roasting warmth.

  • Drink a lot of water and avoid strenuous activities during peak hours of the hottest days.
  • Conservation minded? Give yourself a pass on the use of air conditioning. With each emission you put out, you’re likely saving brain cells.
  • Don’t leave kids or pets (or yourself) in a car without rolling down the windows.
  • Beware metal surfaces—they bite when it’s hot out.

You’ll find most Phoenix hotels come well equipped with fully functional air conditioning. Just make sure that you don’t go sunning by the hotel pool unless you’ve got a spotter to keep you from falling asleep, and lots of sunblock on hand.



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