Shopping Near Popular Denver hotels

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Shopping Near Popular Denver hotels

Whether you’re into shopping for local handmade crafts or high end jewelry, you’ll find plenty of retail opportunities near Denver hotels.

Neighborhood Boutiques
Many of Denver’s neighborhoods feature locally owned boutiques. You can walk to many from popular Denver hotels. Ask your concierge for directions. Denver focuses on sustainability and healthy living, making it a great place to shop for locally-grown produce, local crafts and natural products. Individual neighborhoods have different vibes, so check out descriptions ahead of time so you can make the most of your travel time by shopping where you know you’ll find something you love.

Downtown Shops
In the active downtown area, vacationers will find many familiar retailers. It’s a great area to walk around and enjoy shopping out in the beautiful weather. Even in its coldest months, the downtown Denver area is still inviting.

Cherry Creek District
For a completely unique feel, book Denver hotels near the Cherry Creek district. Featuring high end boutiques, jewelers, an expansive shopping center and popular name brand stores, this large shopping district has something for everyone. And if you’re not into shopping, try biking the 22-mile bike path that takes you through the scenic area.

Still stumped? Don’t forget about local farmer’s markets in the warm weather months. You’ll find artisan cheese, fresh fruit and scrumptious pastries.



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