How to Save Money on a Las Vegas Vacation

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How to Save Money on a Las Vegas Vacation

Worried about spending too much money on a Las Vegas vacation? Try these quick tips to save money in Sin City.

Get a buffet pass.
Several of the big casinos have great deals on buffets, including all you can eat passes. Find the best deals by researching online before you go. You can usually purchase passes before you travel. Plan on eating at least one discounted buffet meal each day, and if your hotel offers free breakfast, take advantage of it.

Enjoy free entertainment.
While many of the shows in Vegas require tickets, you can still see a lot for free on your Las Vegas vacation. Just take a walk down the strip. The fountain at the Bellagio provides ample entertainment for young children and adults alike. Many casinos, such as the MGM Grand, also have entertainment inside. Try visiting the lion exhibit.

Book vacation packages.
Look for Las Vegas vacation packages that include airfare, hotels and tickets to attractions. When you buy in bulk, you can often save a huge chunk of money. It also pays to travel in the off-season, on weekdays, and for more than two nights at a time. Just be cautious about packages that include entertainment or attractions that you’re not particularly interested in.



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