Must-Try Foods on New York Vacations

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Must-Try Foods on New York Vacations

New York City is full of so many incredible destinations and sights that it’s almost impossible to do everything you want to do. Plan ahead of time with a list of several must-see attractions. Don’t forget food. New York vacations are all about the food. From street food to gourmet dining, the Big Apple has some of the world’s best cuisine.

Visit one of New York’s famous cupcake bakeries for a huge cupcake. While you can find unique flavors and dazzling colors, your best bet is to try something simple. Try a vanilla cupcake with chocolate frosting for a simple, perfect dessert.

Street Food
Don’t pass those vendors with the silver carts. They’re selling priceless food, and the food is cheap. Enjoy street meat in a pita, on a stick or in between a bun. Don’t skimp on the sauce.

New York vacations aren’t complete without one incredible sit down meal. Try one of the city’s fabulous high-end sushi restaurants. If you’re adventurous, ask for the omakase menu—or the chef’s personal tasting selections.

Bagels and Coffee
You can find a deli on almost every block in New York City. Enjoy a fabulous fresh-cooked bagel and a cup of coffee at a mom-and-pop deli instead of a chain.



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