Ski vacation guide: Three ski resort areas

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Ski vacation guide: Three ski resort areas

Booking a ski vacation? The good news is you have tons of options. The bad news is it might be hard to decide where to go. Depending on where you live, your ski experience and who you’re traveling with, you’ll find some areas more appropriate than others. Use this quick guide to help decide.

Colorado’s Aspen ski resorts are famous for being glamorous and challenging. This is where the rich and famous head to the slopes. If you’re an expert skier, Aspen is the perfect place to experience some unstructured, amazing slopes. Vail is Colorado’s other popular ski vacation area, with access to other sports like snowmobiling and dog sledding.

Vermont offers charming resorts and quaint towns as well as a good mix of extremely challenging slopes and beginner-friendly slops. It’s one of the only areas in the United States with link-links to other resorts that saves you money on your ski vacation. Make this your destination if you’re also into dining and shopping at charming local stops.

The Southeast
The gentler mountains and slopes of North Carolina attract beginners and pros alike. Resorts like Sugar Mountain and Ski Beech bring families just teaching their little ones the basics of skiing and snowboarding. Thanks to great prices and nearby regions in Virginia and West Virginia, this area makes a perfect first time ski vacation destination.



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