Eco-Friendly Las Vegas Vacations

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Eco-Friendly Las Vegas Vacations

Las Vegas vacations got a lot greener this year with the opening of hotels with various eco-friendly certifications. Wondering what makes a hotel green? The truth is, the definition varies. Green-friendly features come in a variety of forms. Here are some elements to look for when booking eco-conscious Las Vegas vacations.

Energy Efficiency
Ask the hotel you’re staying at if they’ve made steps to conserve energy. This can come in the form of special light bulbs, water heating methods and energy saving appliances. Even if a hotel isn’t currently officially a green hotel, you may be pleasantly surprised to learn that they’re making changes.

Chemical Free Cleaning
Cleaning is a big part of the hospitality industry. Many hotels use bleach and other harsh chemicals. Green hotels are learning to embrace eco-friendly cleaners that are safer for humans and for the environment. Ask about the cleaners used when you book your stay. Some green hotels are also looking into using organic and green products in the toiletries and spas.

Green Building Methods
The government offers certification for specific types of building methods. These stamps of approval, such as LEED Certification, are most often seen in new properties. Ask ahead of time when booking resorts for Las Vegas vacations.



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