Florida Vacation Ideas Off the Beaten Path

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Florida Vacation Ideas Off the Beaten Path

Florida has more to offer than theme parks and beaches. While traveling on a Florida vacation, take time to visit some of the unique sights and attractions that are part of Florida’s rich history. Here are some unique Florida vacation ideas:

  • Swim with manatees: On the West coast of Central Florida, the Crystal River and Homosassa River offer visitors the chance to swim and snorkel near beautiful manatees. These gentle, awe-inspiring creatures head to the rivers for the fresh water and ample food supplies. If you’re not comfortable in the water, go on a boat tour or rent a kayak to glide along the placid waters near the manatees.
  • Adventure on Florida safaris: Florida vacations in the Everglades and areas of Central Florida whisk travelers to a forgotten time. See panthers, alligators and abundant bird life on safaris, guided horseback tours or even zip lining tours in the canopy.
  • Go camping in Florida: Florida vacation destinations often feature beautiful campgrounds. To experience all aspects of Florida, visit some of the main destinations and resorts and then take a detour to one of the state’s amazing camping areas. From beachside campgrounds to amazing national forests, Florida offers camping areas for every level of expertise and comfort.



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