Four Water Sports to Try at Hawaii Hotels

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Four Water Sports to Try at Hawaii Hotels

After flying all the way out to Hawaii, there’s no excuse not to try some unique, fun water sports. Hawaii hotels and attractions offer dozens of opportunities to try out new and exciting activities on the water. Here are four water sports to try during your Hawaiian vacation:

  • Parasailing: The views of the Hawaiian shore and mountains is even better from a parasail. Most Hawaii hotels offer parasailing right on the property. If not, they can direct you to a reputable company. Go alone or with a friend and sail serenely in the air along the beautiful beaches.
  • Surfing: Surfing is easily the most iconic sport in Hawaii. Enroll in a beginner-friendly surf school program. Hawaii hotels and individual schools offer lessons to beginners of all ages. Make sure you give it a try with supervision from a pro.
  • Scuba and Snorkeling: This low-key adventure gets you up close and personal with Hawaii’s reefs and underwater life. See colors and textures you’ve never experienced before. Try taking scuba lessons or booking a snorkeling tour.
  • Wakeboarding: For more advanced athletes, wakeboarding is a thrilling sport that involves soaring across the water’s surface behind a speed boat. It requires some balance and enough upper body strength to hang on to the line.



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