Rome Hotels for Every Traveler

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Rome Hotels for Every Traveler

Rome is a bustling metropolis with a balanced mixture of ancient elements and modern conveniences. The city attracts a spectrum of travelers — from young travelers backpacking and studying abroad to families touring attractions with historic and cultural significance. When planning your trip, look for Rome hotels that fit your travel profile.

Experienced Traveler?
Stay outside of the city. If you want to experience the history of culture of Rome without the congestion or big-city feel, look for quiet hotels near Rome. While some travelers wish to be within walking distance of attractions, others would like to experience a quieter vacation. If you speak Italian or travel to Europe frequently, you may be more comfortable staying in a privately-owned hotel or villa.

Parent with Young Children?
Consider noise level. While Rome hotels are often above street level and quiet, some are more active than others. Read reviews to find out if previous travelers felt that a hotel was quiet or not. If you’re traveling with young children, this may be an important factor. When traveling with an infant, always check to see if the hotel has cribs for guest rooms.

Adventurous Student?
Visit Rome on a budget. Look for affordable hotels with basic amenities and easy access to public transportation. Remember that extras like free breakfast can save you money if you’re a big eater in the mornings. Decide what features (such as air conditioning or wireless internet access) are most important for your stay.



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