How to Meet Singles on a Caribbean Vacation

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How to Meet Singles on a Caribbean Vacation

Heading on a Caribbean vacation with friends? Here are five ways to connect with other singles:

  1. Check out all inclusive resorts for adults only. When traveling with other singles, it makes sense to avoid the family crowds and resorts that cater to kids. Resorts for adults have a sexier, more grown-up atmosphere
  2. Attend events and parties. Many all inclusive resorts offer scheduled events like singles gatherings and themed dance club evenings. If you’re staying in a hotel, find out which local clubs have singles nights and ladies night specials.
  3. Go on tours and excursions. Nothing inspires small talk like sharing an adventure. Visit local ruins, learn to windsurf, or head on a sunset cruise.
  4. Find out where the crowds are. Ask your resort concierge or a local cab driver where the hotspots are. Some resorts offer access to amenities for a small fee. Try finding a beach bar with live music and plenty of activity.
  5. Introduce yourself. Don’t wait for other singles to approach you. Grab a friend and head over to the next beach blanket to say hello. A simple “Hi, where are you from?” can go a long way. Keep it friendly and casual and you might find yourself on a romantic Caribbean adventure before you know it.



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