Travel Frequently Asked Questions

How can I save space when packing?

How can I get cheaper tickets??

How can students save money traveling

Whatīs the best way keep in touch while traveling?

Where are some good travel destinations in the US?

How can I get the best price on air fares?

How can I lessen my chances of getting bumped?

What are some precautions for traveling with a motorbike?

How can I tell which direction an interstate highway is going?

What country has the most climactic changes?

Is San Fransisco nice in September?

How can I pack to use all the space in my suitcase?

What are some precautions to take if my wheelchair is to be stowed?

How can I protect against germs in public restrooms?

How can I tell if itīs OK to go into the hallway during a fire?

How do I plan a trip with all the terrorist activities?

How can I pack the least amount of clothing and still dress well?

How can I provide a safety seat in a rental car?

How can I protect myself from problems when purchasing tickets, etc. ?

How old must a child be before he/she can ride outside a safety seat?

What should I do before taking my bike on a trail?

What should I check before purchasing travel insurance?

How can I safely leave a hotel/motel room if thereīs a fire?

How can I save money on long distance calls while traveling?

Where should I buy travel insurance?

What are some suggestions for traveling with a child in a safety seat?

What should someone in a wheelchair ask about rooms?

How does Alcohol affect me while I am on a plane?

Where can you find tourism information on France?

Why does alcohol affect you more during a flight?

What if I lose my credit cards?

What if I run out of a prescription drug while traveling?

How should I choose a travel agent?

Why should you put your address on your back pack?

How can I save money on lodging?

Should I stop if Iīm involved in an accident in a lonely area?

What should I take with me when hiking?

What about travel insurance, am I covered while riding a motorcycle ?

How can I prevent getting robbed?

How can I tell who is knocking at my door?

Why do you travel?

Should I stop for a traffic violation in an isolated area?

How can I protect myself in a questionable neighborhood?

How can I travel inexpensively?

When is a good time to go to downtown London?

What can you do instead of waiting a long time for your luggage?

How do I avoid being waitlisted?

How can I prevent jet lag?

Can I buy a ticket using my nickname?

What should I be sure to keep with me when packing?

Can I take my folding wheel chair on board the airplane?

Can I swim in the Carribean in the winter?

Do you know any current scams I should be aware of?

Do you know any scams that I should be aware of?

How do I deal with too much luggage during my vacation?

How many Islands are there in the world?

How can I organize my suitcase better?

How can I keep my pet happy during a trip in the summer?

How should I dress for a scenic rail trip?

How can I avoid road work and detours?

How can I avoid road work and detours?

Am I expected to tip when riding an Amtrak train?

How can I pick up my baggage at the airport faster?

How do I get medical help in Prague?

Which airlines give the best deals for people ages 12-24?

Can I use English in Asia?

How can I keep packed clothing free of wrinkles?

How do I stay safe in rest areas?

What is one way I can be sure my vacation will be enjoyable?

How can I avoid getting into bad neighborhoods?

Can I turn right on red everywhere in the US?

Are ther places that arenīt pet friendly?

How can I avoid jet lag?

How can I make sure I have a good time on a bus tour?

What can I do if the room smells smokey?

What if I canīt get a non-smoking room?

How can I prevent losing a child on a trip?

How long should you wait to fly after a dentist appointment?

What if I have a preference between a tub or shower?

How should you wear your backpack so it doesnīt hurt your back?

How do you make traveling more fun?

What can I do to get my pet back if it becomes lost during a trip?

Are there places that arenīt pet friendly?

What are some common sense rules for staying alone at a hotel?

How can I protect against snake bite with hiking?

How can I keep my kids happy during traffic jams or other delays?

How can you make your money go further?

Whatīs the easiest way to save money on a trip

How can I protect myself in a parking garage?

How can I prevent losing all my credit cards?

Where can I bicycle in Europe?

Should you carry your medical history?

Are birth control items easily available in most areas?

Are pets allowed to ride on Amtrak trains?

How do you deal with kids in a restaurant?

What do the airlines consider as hazardous items in luggage?

What are Red Caps?

Whatīs a good rule of thumb for packing underwear?

What advice can you give for traveling with a pet in a cage?

Where do you fish in Boston?

What if thereīs an emergency at home while Iīm on vacation?

How do you increase your odds of getting bumped off a flight?

What is a good way plan a trip with babies or toddlers?

How can I plan a trip that will be fun for babies and toddlers?

How can I plan a trip that will be fun for babies and toddlers?

Not sure what to pack for beach vacations?

Wondering where to stay on the beach?

How can people save money on Hawaiian vacations?

What to do on a Hawaiian honeymoon?

Where to golf in Hawaii?

What are water activities in Hawaii?

What are good last minute all inclusive vacation deals?

Are all-inclusive resorts good for last minute travel?

Want to know where natives hang out in St. Petersburg?

Looking for St. Pete hotels for a weekend getaway?

What is the most convenient way to get to Victoria, British Columbia?

Why Should I care about where my hotel is?

How do I determine what country I should go to on an African safari?

What are some inexpensive things to do in Waikiki?

Where to enjoy an authentic British afrternoon tea in Victoria, British Columbia?

What is it like driving the Road to Hana?

When is the best time to find monster waves on North Shore, Oahu?

What are the best luaus on Oahu?

How can I visit Kauai's Waimea Canyon?

What are some of the movie tours on Kauai?

What fun things are there to do in Maui?

When should I check in for my flight?

What food should I bring on a plane?

Where is the cheapest place to stay while traveling alone?

How can I prevent sinus headaches on airplanes?

How can I find good books to read when I'm travelling?

Where do I find whale watching tours in Victoria?

What type of clothing should I bring on safari?

When traveling, what should we do if a hurricane is headed to our vacation destination?

What do I do with my toiletries when traveling?

Can I use my credit card overseas?

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